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Hydrotherapy Heals What 'ails 'ya!

Best Couples Therapy Ever

Hydrotherapy Heals What  'ails 'ya!

Laughter goes a long way…

DID YOU KNOW… Long before the invention of aspirin, the human body had a built-in natural pain killing  chemical: endorphins!?  Most of us will agree with the experts that laughter produces a natural feel good endorphin right? Just ask yourself if you remember feeling pain at the same time you enjoyed a fit of laughter. Other than the possibility of having broken ribs…it’s safe to say you didn’t right? Here’s a little joke to get the family chuckling around the dinner table… “Why can’t you play poker on the Sahara…? Too many Cheetahs!”

Bring the Family Together this Year

A  family relaxes in and around the hot tub

2018 is the Year of The Family…It’s time to bring the family to a place that doesn’t involve individuals staring at a screen and completely disconnected from each other when in the same room…or out to dinner…or enjoying the great outdoors.

Create Your Backyard Oasis…

Healthy Activities for a Healthy Family

Create Your Backyard Oasis…

Create your backyard fun 

Some people are so freakin’ creative I feel like a dolt when I see what simply wonderful, whimsical ideas they come up with. I’d like to think I could too given time and Pinterest, but to come up with these absolutely wonderful ideas for simple back yard family fun using items you might find around the house or in the garage at the last minute…is inspiring!

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