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Hydrotherapy Heals What 'ails 'ya!

Best Couples Therapy Ever

Hydrotherapy Heals What  'ails 'ya!

Laughter goes a long way…

DID YOU KNOW… Long before the invention of aspirin, the human body had a built-in natural pain killing  chemical: endorphins!?  Most of us will agree with the experts that laughter produces a natural feel good endorphin right? Just ask yourself if you remember feeling pain at the same time you enjoyed a fit of laughter. Other than the possibility of having broken ribs…it’s safe to say you didn’t right? Here’s a little joke to get the family chuckling around the dinner table… “Why can’t you play poker on the Sahara…? Too many Cheetahs!”

Bring the Family Together this Year

A  family relaxes in and around the hot tub

2018 is the Year of The Family…It’s time to bring the family to a place that doesn’t involve individuals staring at a screen and completely disconnected from each other when in the same room…or out to dinner…or enjoying the great outdoors.

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