PROTECT hot tub storm

Protect Your Hot Tub in a Major Storm

Hurricane Harvey is expected to reach Austin and surrounding areas this weekend with massive amounts of water and very strong winds predicted thus far. Here are a few tips to prepare as we brace ourselves for what’s to come in this major storm to ensure your safety – and protect your hot tub.

Remove All Loose Items

Bring all loose items that are close to the hot tub inside and out of the way of the storm. Items like tables and chairs, hot tub accessories and even potted plants could blow into the sides of the hot tub.

Add Extra Chemicals

Before the storm hits, add extra chemicals to the water whether you use chlorine or hot tub bromine. This will help to ensure your water stays clean even if storm water enters the hot tub.

Protect Your Equipment

Wrap all exposed equipment carefully in waterproof plastic, and add additional padding to protect from wind damage and the onslaught of falling rain. If the parts can be easily removed, a good idea is to take them off and bring inside during a storm.

Cover Your Hot Tub

This issue is debated among hot tub experts everywhere with some believing that you should leave your hot tub uncovered to prevent damage to your cover. However, falling and blowing debris could damage the inside of your hot tub if it hits hard enough, so if you do cover your hot tub, be sure to strap it down tightly as they can act be blown off and act as a sail causing additional damage elsewhere. Some experts suggest purchasing plywood and strapping it down on top of the cover to shield it from damage.

Turn Off the Power

Anything connected to your hot tub that uses electricity must be shut down completely. This includes any lighting, and of course your heater and pump. We recommend switching the circuit breaker off to protect from a surge of electricity that could damage the components of your hot tub.